• Impulse Response Libraries Studio Mix Collection IR
    December 22nd, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®

    Impulse Response Libraries Studio Mix Collection IR

    Studio Mix Collection IR

    P2P | WAV | 20 June 2016 | 1.18 GB

    The 112 DLX is based on a Mojotone Narrow Panel Deluxe 1×12 cabinet. The 212 BOG is based on a Bogner Shiva open back 2×12 cabinet. The 412 MAR is based on a 1970’s Marshall “checkerboard” 1960B 4×12 cabinet.

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    • AC30 Blue 2×12 XR IR Pack WAV
      November 11th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®

      Ac30 Blue 2x12 Xr Ir Pack Wav Magesy

      AC30 Blue 2×12 XR IR Pack

      P2P | 11 November 2023 | 78 MB

      This pack from our XR IR COLLECTION is based on our Vox™ AC30 6TB 2×12 combo loaded with Blue Alnico speakers. It includes 9 different dynamic, condenser, tube, and ribbon microphones with multiple configurations, blends, and processing options to give you raw and studio-refined tones for the ultimate IR experience. This IR pack is based on our Vox™ AC30 6TB 2×12 combo loaded with Blue Alnico speakers. This pack includes 9 different dynamic, condenser, tube, and ribbon microphones in 4 different positions across the speaker in single-mic and multi-mic blend configurations. Each single-mic IR includes 3 variations: Unaltered Mic, Enhanced, and Top Boost giving you raw and studio refined tonal options for the ultimate IR experience.

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      • Rock-Box V30MV-2001A Impulse Responses IRs/WAV
        October 5th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®

        Rock Box V30mv 2001a Impulse Responses Irs Wav Magesy

        Rock-Box V30MV-2001A IRs

        P2P | 05 October 2023 | IRs/WAV | 3.3MB

        The Marshall G12 Vintage is proprietary Marshall-only model T3897, raw silver frame, made by Celestion in England for Marshall, OEM. It never actually has Vintage “30” printed on the magnet sticker, just “Vintage”. This is the first, earliest, longest-running, and original V30, initially designed and released in 1986 for use in some Marshall amps and cabs, before Mesa and Celestion ever had their own custom voicings later on in the 90’s. If you’re hearing a V30 tone on a recording made before 1990, it’s these speakers. They were originally designed to sound almost like an AlNiCo speaker, but using a large ceramic magnet, sort of a cross between a Celestion Blue and a G12H30.

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        • VerbSuite Classics v1.1.5.0 WiN-R2R
          September 22nd, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®

          VerbSuite Classics v1.1.5.0 WiN-R2R

          VerbSuite Classics v1.1.5.0 WiN

          Team R2R | 23 June 2023 | 41.3MB

          PLATFORM: WiN64 – VST2/VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

          Reverb is perhaps the most fundamental effect in audio production. Over the past several decades several classic digital reverb units have become staples for professional mixing engineers, and VerbSuite Classics brings you ALL OF THEM.

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          • Rock-Box DVNT77-16A Impulse Responses IRs/WAV
            September 11th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®

            Rock Box Dvnt77 16a Impulse Responses Irs Wav Magesy

            Rock-Box DVNT77-16A IRs

            P2P | 11 September 2023 | IRs/WAV | 6.39MB

            Cabinets: The OwnHammer Rock-Box cabinets are proprietary enclosures, designed and built in-house singularly for impulse response capture and towards multiple sound design goals: to maximize fidelity and musicality for use in a broad range of styles and applications, to provide a tone that is both something familiar and something new, and to exude a neutrality that allows the individuality of different speakers, guitars, pickups, amps, and playing nuances to shine through unencumbered. Various unique construction choices were implemented to accomplish this complex requirement set to outstanding result, providing a tone with clean low end, magical midrange, smooth high end, and incredible note clarity across the entire spectrum.

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            • AKG BX15 Impulse Responses (IRs) WAV
              June 20th, 2023 ⚡MaGeSY®

              Akg Bx15 Impulse Responses Irs Wav Magesy

              AKG BX15 IRs

              P2P | 20 June 2023 | 44.55 MB

              High quality made impulse responses (IR) from the classic AKG BX15. In the early 80s AKG made one of the best sounding stereo spring reverbs ever made based on a technology called Torsional Transmission Line principle (TTL) which gave the BX range a unique texture and sound. We use the BX15 mostly on piano, grand piano and electric guitar but works on more or less everything including drums and percussion. This reverb are sampled with 0.5 seconds steps of the decay time to preserve the original tone of the reverb.

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